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IMPORTANT – Regardless of when applications are submitted, interviews/hiring for seasonal summer positions usually begin in March/April for warehouse, April for managers, and May for all other positions. Click here for a 2020 APPLICATION (link will be updated and activated when applications are being accepted).  


  • $20.00 per hour for all seasonal employees on July 3rd & July 4th *Unless your overtime pay rate is currently higher than $20/hr.
  • Guaranteed overtime pay rate on certain dates You could be making $16.50/hr OR MORE on those dates, even if you are brand new!
  • Flexible scheduling Two days, weekends, three weeks, the whole summer – we’ll work with you!
  • Tons of hours in a short time frame Here you can literally work a few weeks & make what you could working for the whole summer. So come work here for a few weeks and take the rest of the summer off!
  • Small but mighty We do our best to keep up with the tech of the times from time clocks to tablets, YouTube to TV’s. We have a far-reaching network & love to help launch our “fireworks family” into bright futures. We are human beings – demanding yet hilarious, old-school yet geeky chic – we genuinely want to know you & fold you right into our big, fun, dorky, driven family!
  • Training with a twist You get paid to watch a live fireworks demo & PYROMUSICAL EXTRAVAGANZA as part of training! We are also often able to work with returning staff to help their position qualify for internship credits, etc.
  • Why Fireworks? Fireworks are amazing! They create life-long memories, they encourage a love of science & the arts; they get all ages outside; they inspire wonderment & awe; & they offer an opportunity to learn & demonstrate responsibility, respect, & safety. In a busy & sometimes polarized world – fireworks still have the ability to unite, still have the ability to light up the faces & hearts of all ages – and that is pretty darn amazing! Join us and be part of the positive!
  • Discount – Employees get a discount on fireworks – yeeeeeeeessssssss!


  • New Hires start at $11/hr
  • Return Staffers start at $12/hr
  • Managers start at $15/hr
  • All hours worked July 3 & 4 automatically paid at $20/hr
  • All hours worked May 2 & 3, June 13, June 26-28, & July 2 & 5 are automatically PAID AT OVERTIME rate (time & one half pay)
  • Automatic raise each year you return


  • St. Croix Falls, WI Store – Asst Store Managers, Weekend Asst Store Manager, Cashiers, Courtesy Clerks, Sales Reps, Stock Clerks, Warehouse Assts
  • Somerset, WI Store – Asst Store Managers, Cashiers, Courtesy Clerks, Sales Reps, Stock Clerks


  • In general – must be available the evening of June 13th and have open availability June 25th – July 4th. Inquire in store.
  • Seasonal manager positions have different availability requirements and require, at least, 2 years experience with Fireworks Forever.
  • Time-off (beyond scheduled days off) will not be granted June 14-July 9. As a fireworks store, we hope to be pretty busy during that time-frame, especially on weekends.
  • We offer LONG shifts during the days around the 4th and demo days. 10-14 hours is not uncommon (and the bosses work even longer).


  • 18 or older as of first day of employ
  • Excellent customer service & communication skills
  • Physical ability to perform essential job functions
  • Work effectively in fast & slow-paced environments
  • Pass a background check
  • Sense of humor

EXPECTATIONS: Here’s the deal, yes, we are a business, but we are also real, down-to-earth, loyal, hard-working people. We take pride in our ever-growing Fireworks Forever “family” and have admittedly high expectations for prospective “family” members.  So, before you apply, ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you responsible, respectful, safe, and fun?
  • Do you learn quickly, like challenges, and get along with all different kinds of people?
  • Are you a self-starter who is always looking for something to do and ways to improve?
  • Do you enjoy fireworks, animals (especially dogs), board games, science, books, music, nature, art, oxford commas, and puns (or have a witty explanation as to why you don’t)?

If you found humor and truth in those questions, we’d love to sit down for an interview with you!

Interested? Click here for a 2020 APPLICATION (link will be updated and activated when applications are being accepted).  Fill out the application & availability form & drop it off in-store or email it to


Oh the places they’ve gone!

National Geographic, Fox 9, DNR, University of Minnesota, University of St. Thomas, KSTP, Securian, Mary Washington Healthcare, Davanni’s, YMCA, Cargill, US Bank, Uline, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Anderson Windows, Stillwater Olive Oil Company, Money Gram, Military Service, Target, Pharmaceutical Product Development, Menards, Schools, Norwex, SuperValu, St. Croix Falls Fire Department, Government service, Suburban Community Channels, Wiseway, Walmart, & more!

In the fields of:

Space I.T. (how cool is that?), Higher Education, First Responder, Environmental Science, Meteorology, Surgery, IT, Photography, Videography, Marketing, Small Business Ownership, HR, Military, Firemen, Farming, Organic Farming, Music Producers, Waitressing, Magicians, Accounting, Project Management, Education, Special Education, Logistics, Accounting, Personal Training, Acting, Glass Blowing, Parenting, Welding, Sales, Students, Personal Care Attendants, Artists, Musicians, Management, Electrician, International Business, Wizardry, & more.

Our extended Fireworks Forever Family:

They are Volunteers & Valedictorians.  They are Gardeners, Musicians, & Gamers.  They are Sons, Daughters, Moms, Dads, Sisters, Brothers, Cousins, Grandmas, Grandpas, Adoptees, Adopters, Godparents, Godchildren, Aunts, Uncles, Fosters of Fur Babies, & so much more. We are proud of our fireworks family & grateful the roots run so deep.

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