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Fireworks are Ahh-mazing! They encourage a love of science and the arts; they get all ages outside inspiring wonderment and awe; and they offer an opportunity to learn and demonstrate responsibility, respect, and safety. In a busy, and sometimes polarized, world, fireworks still have the ability to create life-long memories and unite family, friends, and perfect strangers – they can still light up the faces and hearts of all ages and that is pretty darn amazing!


We are a second generation, family-owned business of true fireworks geeks. We focus on responsibility, respect, safety, and fun. Whether you enjoy a couple colorful and silent fountains or orchestrating your own backyard pyromusical – we’re here to help you and your family safely brighten all of life’s celebrations!


Fireworks Forever was born out of love of family and respect for Service. Years ago, a family member lost their life in Service of our Country and arrived home near the 4th of July. It was a huge blow. Wanting to lift the family’s spirits and honor the life cut short, the founder (who also happens to be a Veteran and my dad) decided to light up the heavens with fireworks.  Seeing the joy that simple backyard show brought his family, he chose then and there to make family fireworks his vocation.  In 1981, Fireworks Forever opened its first official store.

While the founder is now enjoying retirement, the business continues on in the hands of the next generation.  Truth be told, I never thought I’d end up with a career in the family business, but life has a way of rerouting plans.  And when family needs help, you step up and help. Luckily, I was raised with a strong work ethic and passion for the arts, including the pyrotechnic arts, which made making the switch to full-time fireworker pretty natural.

Under the current leadership team, Fireworks Forever is thriving and remains firmly committed to the reasons it was founded. If you served or are currently serving in our military, please let us know so we can offer both our sincere gratitude and a discount. We’re also committed to “being part of the positive” and take an active role in improving the fireworks industry as a whole.  While we are well-known and trusted nationally and internationally, we are still very much a local, family-owned Company. We value and support community, education, service, and the arts by donating to a variety of causes. And if you are questioning the art part of fireworks – you, my friend, are invited to our Annual Demo Night and Fireworks Show.  The pyromusical finale is total sky art! Click here to watch a pyromusical of the past.

We want to thank everyone who has supported and continues to support us in this adventure.  We are true fireworks geeks, and we look forward to helping you safely brighten your nights and create life-long memories with family and friends!


Fireworks Forever is committed to offering distinctive, high-quality products and unparalleled customer service.  By continuously promoting the safe, respectful, and responsible enjoyment of all types of legal fireworks, Fireworks Forever strives to preserve and protect the enjoyment and use of fireworks, a founding American tradition.


We’re in this business, because we love to help people celebrate and hearing your stories keeps our staff going.  Please share your memories with us – message our facebook page, drop us an email, send us a card in the mail or give us a call.  Who knows, your note may end up on our website!  Here are a few of the many comments we have received:

“I wanted to write and just say thank you! A huge, heartfelt Thank You!, to the staff, you guys nailed it. You helped us pick the most perfect fireworks for our family celebration. You somehow helped us choose and chose for us everything we love most in fireworks, white, willows, whistlers. I know we didn’t spend a huge amount, but to us it was absolutely 100% what we wanted, not over the top or too long. I’m including a video of the last cake we lit and, if you can hear the people in the background, you can hear how incredibly happy you made us all, those cheers are for you guys too. Thank you just does not seem like enough, for the joy you helped us create after a challenging year.”

“You supplied me…with some of the best fireworks I could find. You also have the lowest prices around. I Just want to say thanks for all you did. You brought life to my fireworks show last fourth of july! I will definitely be stopping in more than once this year to pick up my fireworks.”

“I will never buy from anywhere else!!! And yeah, I said never!”

“we had a great New Years Eve Fireworks display last night courtesy of Fireworks Forever!”

“Great place great prices and they help you out in the right direction!”


“Best deal for WISCO Fireworks…”

“Thanks to you all for the fabulous fireworks. It is such a treat for us all.”

“Nice clean store with lots to choose from. Glad we found you.”

“Very helpful customer service! Had no idea what I was looking for and they helped a ton!”

“Thank you so much for the fireworks!! The package you put together was awesome, everybody loved the show! They were the hit of the party – Lots of comments.”

“Best fireworks store ever! Friendly helpful staff,great products and great prices!”

“Amazing staff very knowledgeable about their products. Answered all my questions without any grief. Can’t wait to do business with them ASAP”

“[Your fireworks gave us] the best home show we’ve ever seen. Everyone loved it.””The ‘Fireworks Fans’ of Madeline Island thank you!  We save the best for August…We have a running list of your recommendations.”


“The day will be the most memorable in the history of America.  I am apt to believe that it will be celebrated by succeeding generations as the great anniversary festival…It ought to be solemnized with pomp and parade…bonfires and illuminations (fireworks) from one end of this continent to the other, from this day forward and forevermore.”

So wrote John Adams on July 3, 1776 to his wife after the Continental Congress decided to proclaim the American colonies independent of England.  Fireworks were associated with Independence Day even before the signing of the Declaration.

The discovery of gun powder and the invention of the first fireworks (bamboo cases or rolled paper tubes filled with explosives) are traditionally credited to the Chinese, although India is also a likely source.  The sound of these first firecrackers, which appeared about 1,000 years ago, was so loud that the Chinese believed the noise would scare away evil spirits.  Almost any event – a birth, death, wedding, coronation or New Year Celebration – became a fit occasion for fireworks.

Fireworks made their way to Europe sometime in the 13th century, probably carried back from the East by Crusaders.  Their popularity grew, and by the 15th century they were widely used for religious festivals and public entertainment.  The Italians were the first to manufacture fireworks and were the undisputed European masters of fireworks-making through the end of the 17th century.  Their wares were used all over Europe to mark great occasions.

The earliest settlers brought their love of fireworks to the New World, where firings of black powder were used to celebrate holidays and impress the natives.  Pranksters in the colony of Rhode Island caused enough problems that in 1731 a ban was established on the mischievous use of fireworks.

By the time of the American Revolution, fireworks had long played a part in celebrating important events.  It was natural that not only John Adams, but also many of his countrymen, should think of fireworks when independence was declared.  The very first celebration of Independence Day was in 1777, six years before Americans knew whether the new nation would even survive the war, and fireworks were a part of the revels.

Americans’ spirit of celebration continued to grow and fireworks became more popular than ever.  The fireworks of today, however, are a far cry from the first fireworks.  While they are still mostly hand-made, strict regulations are now in place to ensure that every consumer firework is safe as possible.  These regulations, coupled with growing public education, have helped to decrease the amount of firework-related injuries to all time lows, even as the use of consumer fireworks grows at a rapid rate.

Nowadays, fireworks can be seen throughout the year in communities large and small, in sports stadiums, amusement parks, backyards, picnics, reunions, graduations, weddings, and more.  Whether it’s a professional display or a couple consumer fountains, there’s nothing like a fireworks display to add that spectacular finishing touch to any occasion.  Fireworks truly are an American tradition.

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